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I've finished the quest with deer dad yet the log isn't cleared up.

very cute and very fun!

what a sweet lil game. loved it :-)

such a cute game! i really love the art style :)

Really cute!

Wow, how you could make it with RPG Maker! It feels so better than usual RPG Maker game!


What a cute game~!!


cute !!

it's such a cute game

This is a uper cute game with charming characters and plot.  Nice job!


its not loading :(

its so adorablee!! i love the part where the penguin tied the balloonfish to its hand and flew up to space!! that penguin will be forever remembered and missed. T^T

Do you know what the bunny kid wants?

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the web wont work:(


This game is really adorable. From the art style of the game to the cheerful music. I like the interaction with the characters in the small community. For 3 days this was a treat. Really adorable and actually somehow fits with the holiday season. The ending frame is also really wholesome and I absolutely love it. Thank you for making this :D

This game is absolutely adorable! I hope to play anything else you make!

super cute 10/10

Amazing little game, very cute and charming.

rlly cute game with nice music

cute and cozy game ✨

Stuck here, can't move. :( X and Z make just noises. Will try again later. I really like this game, good job. <3

I like the level-changing music & cute graphics/animations there. Winter and snow even fits to current xmas and winter in my region.

The title and gif made me curious about the game, while I also adore the title-screen :-3

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Such an adorable game!

Thank  you meowchelle for creating it.


Great game just a little stuck on the fishing part, I kinda need help

This is so cute!

this is literally the best game i've ever played its my absolute favourite!!! thank you so much it makes me so happy :')

So cute! I really enjoyed this!

thank you for making this!! So kawaii : 3

alguien me puede explicar  como se consigue las cosas? xdxd

This is very cute! I love it!

Thank you for sharing, dev! 

Cozy and adorable!! Thanks for sharing this <3

My video on the game. 🐻🥪

This game was so cute and wonderful! I had a great time playing it and it really made my day. :>


Okay, if any of you ever played Undertale and wanted to live in Snowden for ages, THIS is the exact same vibe you're gonna get. It's so cute, calming and dare I say, a work of art. (o.o)


@meowchelle When I launch the game, and select new game, it just goes to a purple screen with a star, bear and heart icon... and nothing happens! Is the game incompatable with mac OS Catalina? I would really love to be able to play ;-;

This was so cute! I enjoyed it! <3

I enjoyed playing this game. I did make a YouTube video on it, though it's not out as of this comment on mine, (3/12/2020).

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